Friday, January 25, 2008

Stuck in my galaxy

SORRY you guyz i haven't 4gotten about you. Trying to escape so bare with me

I've been gone

I ask myself look where you are
God has brought me through so many life learned lessons
I'm a song believer of the saying" Everything happens for a reason"
My body been hear but my mind been deserted in the galaxy
Today is the day before my bday and i'm sooo over welcomed
Not because of the attention or gifts but, for reality of my blessings
I'm here on this earth because of a reason
I'm just not quite sure
Not in the right zone trying to find out what's wrong
I've been gone but I'll be back soon
Traveling in my inner mind reminiscing on random thoughts
I LOVE ME and YOU also
Beginning my new chapter of life
My kindness get me far but it also sometimes keep me from people people in reality.
I've been gone but...................................

Sunday, January 13, 2008

"Fake Bag"

I tell you when i first seen this bag i knew i had to get me one of these exclusive "FAKE BAGS". This bag combines the Louis Vuitton brand and graphic image of FAKE. Its also reversible which I love. When you can have something reversible it gives you sooo many variety of ideas on how you can use it. I think the whole idea of this bag is brilliant. Having a message of knock-offs and idolization of brand names. Only 100 that's right just 100 were made for the art exhibit in Seoul called "Wake up Andy Warhol" You may can't get this bag but you can get the other two editions called Fake-Too Perfect and Fake-Perfect Fake.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Like I alway say it's a "REASON" for me arriving

Just for those whom may be curious this pic is me. I normally won't b talking about me but i decided since i'm feeling kind of under the weather i'll make me feel better lol. Well world just wanted to let you know i'll will be working on some big projects include with my creative team GET READY! I Promise abnoraml galaxy will be rising just haven't been on earth to long to adapt.Take every opportunity because you only have 15 fifteens to be famous. Life is short and i say never regret something. Shi*t happens thats life. Some are more knowledge than others. Never worry about what your competition is doing. I mean honestly you think they're actually worrying about you. hmm. I think not.


Do you really know about "Success."

If you haven't already heard you should check out Success. When i first seen this dude i just thought he was a random young rapper trying to just get his hustle on but looks are defintely deceiving. He was born in Brooklyn, New York. Being inspired by Kanye West and Jay-Z, Im sure the world will know him sooner enough. I was surprised when found it this young dude was a rapper along with being a model and I'm sure he'll be taking some more achivements under his belt soon. Even though some of his lyrics maybe questioned for controversy, he still have a knowledge and substance of what he's talking about. BEING ON THE LOOK OUT. You can check for him at

Friday, January 11, 2008

Theyyyyyyy Baaaack!

Thats right Making the Band 4 Season 2 airing January 28 on MTV. P.diddy been working on Danity Kane, Still unnamed male r&b pop group along with Donnie. The Cast been living together since late November in an $8.5 million bayfront mansion in Miami Beach with (listen to this) rooftop pool, dance floor, listening room and mini-golf course
Can the guys and girls get along in the same space? Im show there will be many scandals and laughs! Sources say On one of their first nights here, the group joined Diddy at South Beach's club Mansion as VIP guests. But with less than three weeks' time to complete three albums they won't have much more time to go out. Do you think they can handle the pressure? Of course, Diddy -- known to be demanding in past seasons -- will keep them busy, too. ''He's a very shrewd businessman,'' said Curry, "but he'll make you hot.''

Black is Safe!

Well, well, well. Today is friday and no school for 2 days. yay me. I arrived at color theory class today expecting the unexpecting. I NEVER dealt with paint so i was soooo lost in my mind. A few minutes past and i started to mess with the colors mixing red and yellow which give me orange. I kept arranging colors together and i noticed everyone hands was covered with all of these variety of colors. It made me think every color doesn't look right on everyone and if you don't know how to wear colors you shouldn't. OMG! i came to the conclusion that BLACK is the basic safe color. You can' t go wrong with black. Black says so such for instance power and elegance. Certain colors offend people for instead when go to a job interview wearing bright colors could destract someone if your not color coordinating! SO i say to my fellow people lets bring Black Back!